Minimalistic Art and design

About the Art and Artist


Art is a Journey

For the artist it is always a journey.  A journey into the creative process.  A journey into the current piece.  A journey into the next piece.  And at times,  a journey into the fear that the muse will leave us and our most recent piece will be our last.

For me, every piece is also a journey into another place.   A place I think of as abstracted reality.  It is as much about how I view the world,  as how I wish to view it.  

 It is also where I find my Zen. 

That is what I wish to share with my viewers.  That escape from reality.


I strive to convey an emotion using line,  color and form and as I do I am constantly reminded of the emotional impact of color.   How therapeutic it can be and the wide variety of emotions it can convey.

With that in mind I have arranged my collections by color. for your viewing pleasure.

My journey into digital painting began when one day my son, pointing at the computer said "you know you can make art on that"   He followed that statement with  "you're an artist, you can do it."  and opened a paint program.  My curiosity got the best of me! and an unlimited supply of paint and canvas kept me motivated.

And so began my journey into a world of abstracted realities.

 I use a basic program that begins with a blank a canvas.  With the brushes and color I create my art.   I embraced the minimalistic quality of the medium liking the clean lines and minimalistic quality which gives it a modern contemporary feel.  The transition to such a different medium was a challenge and spanned years.

My work now sells both nationally and internationally.